26 February 2011

A Chip in the Sugar, again

Here are a few spreads for the interactive book; designed for the iPad. The concept mirrors the printed book, so some layers will be semi-translucent or transparent etc. A bouns feature with the interactive book is that it will include all the monologues from Talking Heads, ao you are able to flick through. Additionally, they all work in portait and landscape so you can shake the iPad about and watch the images and text fall into place for the new orientation. 


  1. Soof!! how are you?
    OMFG THE IPAD! Haha I love it!
    Hows Graphics going?

  2. Hi! Graphics is going splendidly! How's Fashion treating you? Oh, and how did the whole skirt/model thing go?

  3. Splendidly? Haha thats so posh XD
    Fashion never treats me well! OH well its the start of the new project and I really don't know how to start my sketchbook!
    Skirt/model went awful :/ No one is going to please that womenswear tutor! He confuses me.

  4. Yeah, I regret saying 'Splendidly' now, it sounded a lot quirkier in my head. Oh no, well I thought your skirt was amazing, so points from me there! How is the poem project coming along?