22 February 2011

100 days

On the train this morning I read an article in the Design Observer (http://observersroom.designobserver.com/oblog/entry.html?entry=24678) which really got me thinking. The article is about an assignment which is set over 100 days, the idea is repeat the same exercise or activity each day, and to do so for 100 days, for example one case study from the article looked at a girl who took photos with people she had never meet before, and then gathered them all together in a book. The article and concept of the project was really inspiring and has driven me to work on a similar project, in my free time. For a 100 days I plan to record what I do for each hour of the day. So by the end I should be work out an average day and see use this basis for the content of a book.  I hope to compile a twenty-four double page spreads (one for each hour) in the book,  each spread will visualise each hour. 

1 comment:

  1. That sounds so cool!!
    I've heard of people doing similar things.. one person decorated the back of a playing card each day, for a whole year!