2 November 2010

Vector Magic!

Okay, so I have been practicing my skills on Illustrator at the moment. In Software Training at Uni, we are being taught quick techniques to make some really complex and realistic looking pieces rather quite simply. I had a lot of fun constructing this iPod Nano, so yeah, any thoughts and suggestions would be welcome. I'm also working on an iPhone too (coming soon!)


  1. That's so cool!
    When I saw the pictures I never would have guessed YOU MADE THEM! : )
    I don't like the new ipod nanos though, they look ok but they don't have video anymore and apparently they don't turn off properly so you get 24 hours battery life whether you listen to anything or not. Rant over.
    Make more picture though, they're REALLY good!

  2. That is a very cool iPod Nano, looks more like a iPod Shuffle though! :D Like a touch screen shuffle, I love it! I see how Apple work now, haha. Great work! Loved to see more, keep up the good work! Btw, how was the lecture?

  3. Phillippax: Thank you muchly! I agree, new iPod nano's suck, no video? Whats that about? It's a big step back, Apple, a real big step back.
    Bittersweet89: Hello! Why thank you! The lecture, well, it wasn't too exciting! How was fabric shopping?

  4. Hey! :) Haha thought so! I'm trying so hard to pay attention in those lectures! But I just keep yawning lol.
    Fabric shopping was long and tiring, I was hungry as well. I think I let my stomach suffer too much XD. I went to Liberty only got 5 samples. Tha's so pitiful XD. Yeah, think I'll enjoy blogging :D
    Oh God, my novel...I'm kinda scared to put it up on my Blog! But I will do...add a link coz I can't just post it up on the spot...anyone could just read it! And I need to put a warning :D Also the chapters are quite...long :) Oh yes! I even made a photo manipulation of the novel! ^.^

  5. OOOO, what are the samples like? Yeah, link or post, either way, I'll be sure to read it! I really want to see the photo-manipulation, does it have people in it, the one's you showed me on the computer, on that friday?

  6. The samples are nice...good for research! But I have to do my research over again now :'( I need to use the 1960s fashion trend as a starting point, before developing my own ideas. Recently I've been replicating designers' clothes which is a bad idea!
    Oh!! I found out a way to link my story! There's Google docs where I can upload my story to share to others :) Yay! That would be great if you could read it and tell me your thoughts :D I'm excited now XD.
    Ohhh yes! The photo manip I've done has two people on it, yep what you saw on friday, but for the girl I used a different person.
    I could send you the image by email if you like ;) I have to write a summary lol.

  7. Ooo you'll have to show me those samples at some point! They sound exciting! Im sure you're doing amazingly at the course!

    Google doc: ooo you'll have to send me a link too! I'd love an email with photo-manip. I'll catch you at Uni and we can swap email addresses, (I'll give you my normal address, as opposed to the blog one!)

    Cannot wait to read it! I bet its brilliant!

  8. Thats some really nice work!

    It looks like a photo lol