11 November 2010

Converse and an unfinished iPhone

Okay, so lately I've been really preoccupied with Uni, especially the Typography unit we're currently working on; I'm learning a lot though! For example, did you know that Jan Tschichold was friends with Paul Renner, the designer of my favourite ever typeface, Futura? No? Oh...
Anyway, for something a little more exciting, here's some new vector illustrations I've been working on for software training.

The first is an orange converse trainer, I so want one in a creamy colour, like the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who! The second is a little sneak peek at the iPhone I'm working on, it's not finished but will be done soon, I hope!


  1. Awsome!
    Your pictures never fail to amaze me!
    Love it!


  2. Hey Soofiya :)) Great iPhone design! What amazing things your learning in Graphics! :D