12 October 2014

Book Design MA

In the past few weeks I started my MA in Book Design at Reading, which at times feels like both the best and stupidest decision I've ever made. There have been some really exciting lectures so far including some from Michael Tywman who, every Monday, delves into the typographic archives and brings some amazing gems to share and talk about. I snapped a few photos from the first lecture which in no way do the ephemera justice but you sort of get the idea. Oh, and on Thursday's we hit up the Museum of English Rural Life to touch books which are centuries old,  how cool is that? I was having a little read of Euclid's The Elements this past week. Aside from the historical mind-blow there's two projects on the go too, one called Complex Text, where amongst other books we have typeset War and Peace (yes, actually War and Peace). As well as a Book Jacket project with Fraser Muggeridge and David Pearson: which should be good fun. All in all a very busy few weeks ahead and equally busy year overall for this MA.

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  1. Hello Soofiya,

    I was looking at University of Reading's MA in Book Design program and I found your website - your books look amazing! Would you mind sharing your experiences as a student in the MA program with me? I don't have an educational background in design (I graduated with a degree in Communications from a university in Canada) but I love books, designing things and I want to work in publishing (in Canada, ideally). Would you recommend this program?

    Thank you,