4 May 2014

Pick Me Up London 2014

This weekend I said a final farewell to Pick Me Up London. Here's my small selection of my favourites.

1) Cat Island by Jessica Das: each piece was cat themed and full of cat-filled goodness. Cats!!
2) This Frida portrait by Lou Taylor is made from finely delicate paper cut pieces, it's a wonderful homage to the Mexican painter.
3) Neon/fluro colours have been my new favourite thing ever since I invested in fluorescent gaffa tape. Which I think is why I love Annu Kilpelainen's use of neon colours, I'm always envious of any illustrator/design who can use such a luscious colour palette well.
4) Beautiful lettering by Jordan Metclaf, I love the way the strokes on the letterforms fade with that gradient, it's almost like the words are submerged in the page.
5) Paper stock is half the design and this is personified in the Jessica Das's funky fluorescent piece.

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