28 February 2013

A Book for Two Talk

On Tuesday I had my first ever design gig/talk at Geeky. I talk fast normally and twice as fast when I'm excited. Despite the talk being at light speed, I really enjoyed it. Partly because I'd describe the whole thing as a massive constructive-design-ego-wank; an experience I throughly recommend for all to try at least once. But more importantly I had some great feedback and a platform for my project (A Book for Two). Now, feeling ridiculously inspired to take it further, I've made a to-do list:

1. Nail the format for Jeykll and Hyde, I'm talking size (teeny tiny bit smaller and a change of the supporting typeface
2. Make a book for two for The Picture of Dorian Gray
3. Make a book for four for Nineteen Eighty-Four
4. Do a massive chunk of user testing
5. Make changes learnt from that testing
6. Get it out of the prototyping stage, make a few and send a few out and about.
7. Buy a cat

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