21 January 2011

Science Museum

After reading about johnson banks's (no caps) branding for the Science Museum I decided to pop by and see it in action. First off, what I find most striking is the typography; it's fantastic (see first picture below). Everything about the geometric style of the typeface, constructed by The Foundry say's 'Science Museum' without stating the obvious. Not only because of the angular type somewhat reminiscent of a digital calculator, everything about the new brand identity is gracefully subtle from the airbrushed faceless face to the primary coloured circles. If you've been around London these past few months, you may have seen some of the posters (second picture below) around the tube stations, with the airbrushed face; I find that sharp lines of the type really draw a distinction between image and type. The only thing I could complain about is how eerie it can seem, the faceless face that is, a little off putting at first: but regardless a fantastic piece of design.
P.s: Shelly, I promise to take you to the Science Museum soon. 

1 comment:

  1. The face reminds me of that dr who ep where the tv took their faces lol!
    Sounds like you had, I can imagine you as the museum-y person. Not in a bad way, just someone who goes and finds what they like. In an arty way.
    I'm not making much sense here. i hope you understand lols.