19 June 2010

Garden Veg

I was going over some of my older work (I say older, more like past year) from graphics for a project called: Garden Veg. Now that I look back, I'm not entirely happy with some of the work...so i went over some poster designs etc and reworked the logo.
Garden Veg was a branding project, it sells vegetarian food for kids, ideal for packed lunches!

For more Garden Veg stuff: click here

Old Logo

New Logo

Okay: so do I like the old logo, it's more fun and colourful, and it's more suitable for the target market but it's a bit much for a logo. It's hard to take in from a distance, so I reworked it into something a lot simpler. I think the sketchy style of the lines and leaf for the new logo makes it a little less serious; and green is good...very veggie!

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