19 May 2010


Okay, so currently I'm working on an animation for graphics at college.Its kind of not going too well, the deadline is nearing and I'm very unprepared but thats beside the point. The animation is about Procrastination (ah the irony!), I'm still in two minds about wether or not to post up the animation but maybe after Friday I will come to a decision. Anyway, here are some stills which turned out okay compared to the other hundred which really didn't!

This is my wonderful friend Alice, who has been more than patient with me and the amount of photos I have had to take of her face for this project!

This makes more sense in the animation, but it's basically about things you can do instead of the work your not doing. Watch the stars would be a nice thing to do...

This yet again works somewhat better in the animation as the music notes kind of flow about and the little Plastercine character follows them with his eyes. So yeah, if and when i do finally decide to put up the animation this post will hopefully make more sense, as the stills used here will be in context!

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